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  THE CENTER- Presentation 



Situated in the heart of Milan at "Centro Oftalmo-Chirurgico Carones" ,  CORNEA RESTORE CENTER is the first Italian Center entirely dedicated to functional rehabilitative treatment of patients suffering from complicated clinical conditions of cornea and ocular surface . The Center was born from the desire to create a national reference point for these patients and to offer support and outstanding service to the Cornea Centres and the Ophthalmologists in the clinical management of such cases .


The Center benefits from the use of the most advanced and updated instruments for Diagnostics and Imaging  of Cornea and Anterior Segment , essential to make an accurate study of the patient's clinical situation in the first step of fitting procedure and equally indispensable to check the Scleral Lens post-fitting  follow up.


CORNEA RESTORE CENTER can count on one of the largest Diagnostic Set , developed in collaboration with the most important labs in the international scene . More than 200 Diagnostics lenses allow to effectively address the design of the definitive scleral device simulating the effectiveness even in the most extreme and complex clinical cases . This is a great clinical and organizational advantage especially for all patients coming from out of Italy; infact already at the first visit , they can learn about the obtainable advantages and tolerability of the Prosthetic Scleral Lens.






At the base of the organization of clinical activities there is the wish to dedicate to each clinical case  the adequate timing of visit and a complete and constant support  in all phases of fitting process, always putting the patient and his needs at the center of the rehabilitative act.


PRE-FITTING PHASE AND PRELIMINARY VISIT - The first phase is absolutely the most important and delicate . Beginning with the diagnostic exams and the contactological analysis  , the patient is informed in detail about the rehabilitative possibilities available and the results that a Prosthetic Scleral Lens can bring , carefully evaluating the characteristics and the possible risks through a realistic and reliable simulation with a Diagnostic Lens  This phase will be the basis that will lead to the design of the definitve Scleral Device.


FITTING PHASE AND GUIDED TRAINING - In this phase, the patient learns to know about his Prosthetic Scleral Lens and acquires the techniques for an adequate handling, precise management and a proper use. The training at Center is completed by a summary booklet that is delivered to the patient and a phone support that will be daily at least for the first 15 days and will be usefull to address and deal promptly with problems encountered in daily life.


POST FITTING PHASE AND FOLLOW-UP - It's  established a program of control visits to assess over time the interaction between the Prosthetics Scleral Lens and the eye structures . These controls allow you to maintain high levels of safety in fitting and to promptly identify the presence of any possible complications .


Foundamentally important is the relationship and communication with the Cornea Center or Ophthalmologist that send the patient, that will take care of the patient's medical checks in order to ensure a complete and optimal management .



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