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Useful Info for Patients




When booking a first visit, please specify to the Secretary staff if the visit is for Scleral Lenses fitting or for other types of lenses. This will allow you to correctly program the examination.


Because of the number of requests for visits and the decision to prefer the quality of services to the amount , it's possible to  experience long waits for programming the visit . In case of urgent visits, please send an email to  specifying the reason for the urgency . 


In case of patients from out of Italy  who will plan to arrive in Milan by train , bus or plane , please communicate to the Secretary staff the time of arrival and departure to better organize the office activity and to allow you to respect the timetable for the return to the station or airport .




On the occasion of the first visit to evaluate the fitting of Prosthetic Scleral Lenses , they'll be performed some diagnostic exams and some clinical evaluations that require the use of a Diagnostics lens for a few hours. Therefore they will be agreed with the Secretary staff two events in the same day . In order to be able to dedicate the right and proper attention to each case , we suggest to devote the entire day to the visit . You are also required to bring with you all the previous clinical eye visits and exams.

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