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Cornea and Surface Functional Rehabilitation  -



CORNEA RESTORE Method is a fitting protocol designed for selection of Prosthetic Scleral Lenses parameters for functional and visual restore in extremely irregular or seriously compromised corneas with ocular surface disease. In these cases a Corneal Contact Lens could be unhealty, failing or not indicated. Primary goals of CORNEA RESTORE Method are the protection of corneal structures and ocular surface, and the reduction of devices invasivity and possible long term complications. All this represents the advantage of a totally custom method of Scleral Devices fitting. 



Presentation of Center

Founded to be a point of reference

and a  center of excellence for functional

cornea recovery , Cornea Restore Center is

placed in the heart of Milan; it has the most advanced technology for imaging and examinating of eye anterior segment, fundamental to accurately inspect the morphology and the structure of eye surface.

Patients Support

Patients are constantly seeking information and insights to better understand what happens in their daily lives . The section deals with some issues related to the use of prosthetic scleral lenses 

Fields of Application
  • Corneal Degenerations in every stage of evolution  (Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, Terrien Marginal Degeneration)

  • Complications and/or outcomes post Cornea Transplant  (Keratoplasty)

  • Complications post Contact Lenses fitting 

  • Complications post Refractive Surgery complications 

  • GVHD Graft Versus Host Disease

  • ​Severe Ocular Surface diseases  ( Stevens-Johnson Syndrome , Lyell Syndrome , Cicatricial Pemphigoid , Sjogren Syndrome ,  Corneal Anesthesia,  Salzmann Degeneration ,  Rosacea Surface Disease, Recurrent Ulcerous Keratitis)

  • Corneal Trauma outcomes

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